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Candy Cotton

Do you ship to me?

We currently ship nationwide with plans to expand to international shipping

What is Freeze Dried Candy?

Freeze Dried candies are all of your favorite candies but ran through a cool science experiment. Heated and cooled to extreme temperatures and exposed to a vacuum like the one in outer space changed the candy to make a new eating experience for your favorites.

I don't see my favorite candy, can you do them?

Unfortunately, some candies are just not able to be freeze dried. however, the candy you are missing might be something we just haven't had the time or opportunity to try. please let us know through our contact page what you would like to see and we will attempt to provide.

I'm throwing a party, can you provide bulk orders?

Yes! We do offer party/bulk order packages. Please, reach out to us through our e-mail or our social media and we will work with you to provide the sweet treats you want!

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